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Styropack Boxes

Proper quality control is essential when transporting fresh seafood from processor to market

For Your Products and the Environment… Feel Good About Your Choice... Both processors and the environment receive the following benefits when using EPS as a packaging material

Low Thermal Conductivity  EPS Containers protect contents against sudden temperature changes better than competitive materials, such as cardboard, for the same use.  The insulating properties of EPS help maintain product quality and reduce wastage… Making EPS containers the natural choice for your products and the environment

Lightweight Packages The lightweight nature of EPS containers results in lower shipping costs and less impact on the environment than competitive materials.

Absorbs high levels of energy when dropped or subjected to impact The protective qualities of EPS helps lower your overall packaging costs by reducing product wastage.  This is another performance advantage that benefits both the processor and the environment.
Chemically Inert EPS containers can be safely used for food packaging.

Strength and Durability are completely retained even on direct contact with water As with other protective characteristics of EPS containers, its ability to retain its integrity following direct contact with water helps reduce wastage, and in turn lower your costs of packaging and benefit the environment.

EPS is 100% Recyclable

Download the TriPack Report (pdf) for more information

CFIA letter of approval


Our product is white but your building will be green Did you know that EPS has always been CFC and HCFC free?