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Geofoam Fill

Geofoam - Citadel

Lightweight FillPlastic geofoams have a density that is only one percent to two percent of the density of the soil, yet can be designed to be sufficiently strong enough to support road, rail, and aircraft loading. Geofoam can be used as a light-weight fill over soft ground in embankment construction, a technique that does not require pre-loading and soil removal.

Thermal InsulationGeofoams are very efficient thermal insulators. Considerable savings can be realized when geofoam is used in pavement applications where frost-heave conditions are present. Geofoam can also be used for frost-protected shallow foundation constuction without the need for a basement or crawl space to meet frost depth requirement.

Compressable InclusionPlastic Geofoam can be designed to compress readily to cushion the shock of earthquakes, reduce stress from expansive soils, and fulfill a variety of similar roles.

DrainageGeofoams can be manufactured to have asignificant inherent ability to drain ground water and ground-borne gases such as radon or methane

Noise and Small-Amplitude Vibration DampingGeofoam can dampen ground-borne vibrations from motor vehicles and trains

StucturalGeofoam can be used as concrete foam-work and facing panels for mechanically stabilized earth walls (MSEW)

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