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TrueFoam Insulation Solutions
TrueFoam Insulation Solutions


Now you can build your own flotation with TrueFloat and enjoy your river, lake, pond, or oceanfront more than ever

Flotation Blocks, Docks, Boats, Rafts and more
Flotation Chart

Thickness2'x4' Cubic FT.Weight Supported4'x8' Cubic FT.Weight Supported2'x8' Cubic FT.Weight Suported
4"2.67160 lbs1067640 lbs533320 lbs
6"4.00240 lbs16.0960 lbs8.00480 lbs
8"5.33319 lbs21.331280 lbs10.67640 lbs
10"6.67400 lbs26.671600 lbs13.33800 lbs
12"8.00480 lbs3201920 lbs16.00960 lbs
14"9.33559 lbs37.332240 lbs18.671120 lbs
16"10.67642 lbs42.672560 lbs21.331280 lbs
18"12.0720 lbs48.02880 lbs24.001440 lbs
20"13.33800 lbs53.333200 lbs26.671600 lbs
22"14.67880 lbs58.673520 lbs29.331760 lbs
24"16.0960 lbs64.03840 lbs32.01920 lbs

Our product is white but your building will be green Did you know that EPS has always been CFC and HCFC free?