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About Truefoam

From its humble beginning in the late 1960s in Halifax to its present position as the leading manufacturer of insulation products in Atlantic Canada, Truefoam Limited has concentrated on the fundamentals necessary for success in the Atlantic Canada economy: innovation and service.

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation, lightweight yet cost-effective and relatively new in North America, offered potential for local manufacture due to the high costs associated with shipping a large mass. Sales grew steadily, and in 1975 the company built a modern plant in the Burnside Industrial Park, Halifax. As well, a facility in the Fredericton Industrial Park.

Innovative product development became synonymous with the Truefoam name. New standards were set for basement insulation through the innovative slotted design of Truewall™, followed by the invention of Insul-Wall™, a patented product combining new EPS material with conventional framing, thereby producing a highly energy efficient insulated wall system.

Seeking to diversify, in 1988 Truefoam acquired its first shape moulding machine. Eighteen machines now service the fishing and aquaculture customer base in Eastern Canada and the New England states, providing many different models for packaging and shipping fresh salmon, lobster and fillets.

Through operational successes, quality products and continued ownership and employee commitment, Truefoam has become a leader in both of its EPS insulation and Styropack packaging product lines. With an eye to the future, management philosophy continues to be long-term financial stability through careful, controlled growth while remaining flexible and receptive to new opportunities.

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Our product is white but your building will be green Did you know that EPS has always been CFC and HCFC free?